Sentimental Scandinavian Family

In addition to quilting I do most any kind of sewing.  My official degree is in Fashion Design not because I’m a great creative clothing designer but because making clothing is what I did most of the time – in college I sewed for my friends, in high school I sewed for myself and before that I sewed for my Barbie dolls.  So the project I just completed for my friend Annette was a blast from the past with a twist – literally.  I was asked if I could use Annette’s grandmothers old wedding dress to turn into small gifts for a some of her family members. Well how fun is that?!?!?!?  What she had in mind was pillows.  Cute little monogrammed pillows. Eight to be exact.  Her cute little hubby popped the dress in the mail and the adventure began.  I had the package for a couple of days before I actually opened it.  Being a child of the 80’s I have to tell you, when someone says wedding dress to me – I thing LARGE – white – poofy and lacy.  Okay – Okay – I’m seriously dating myself here.  So I wondered how in the world a wedding dress could fit in that small Dillard’s shirt box.   When I finally got to the point I could open the box I found quite a surprise.  NO lace, NO white satin, No POOF!!!!!  What I found was ……. well…… old. At one time it might have been green but age had faded its color, now it was a modled shade of gray with a hint of pink splotched here and there.  One sleeve had very small holes that I can only assume time itself had eaten through the fibers. AND it had a very familiar smell that I couldn’t quite place.  But all of that was my first impression.  With further inspection I saw something else.  The workmanship was exquisite.


The detailing was lovely.


The smocking and pleating were perfect.


I had found a new respect for this garment.  It was beautiful.  Now for the monogram selection.  Me being me – I wanted to do something fun, festive, fabulous – ME!!!!!!  NOPE.  After speaking to Annette about how traditional her family is we decided on a very traditional monogram and after the double and triple check of the initial and the correct order I was ready to embroider and make those 10″ square pillows.  I think I mentioned how teeny tiny this dress was – AND I couldn’t bring myself to cut up the bodice of this beautiful gown.   They would just have to be smaller -9″ x 6″ or something very close to that would have to do.

After all was said and done this is the finished product…


After spending time with the dress it made me wonder about the lady who wore the dress.  I asked Annette if I could possible have a picture of her in the dress.  Please meet Kathleen Rose Williams.Image

Lovely isn’t she  –  and check out that hat.  This photo was taken on her wedding day in 1940.  AWESOME!!!!

Well that is the story of how eight little pillows started out in 1940 as a beautiful young woman’s wedding dress and how they ended up dispersed to members of a Sentimental Scandinavian Family in 2013.

Oh and I figured out what they smell was – it was a grandma, and the pillows still have that smell – I hope they always do.

I want to be a Viking

Sunday I got to do the coolest thing – but not for the reason I thought it was going to be. I had the opportunity to go to Appletree Quilting and Viking Center to introduce myself to a group of people that are Viking Club Members.  I was to bring a few samples of my work, talk for a few minutes about services I offer that will be available to Appletree Customers and answer any questions they may have.  SIMPLE – Talk – I can do that. Millie told me they were going to have a “Show and Tell” first then it would be my turn. So with my quilts in tow I was off to Columbia.  I had about half an hour from the time I arrived until the meeting started.  During that half hour something very cool happened – People came – LOTS OF PEOPLE CAME!!!  Over 40 to be more accurate (I asked Wendy Monday).  The entire class room was full to standing room only capacity.  This little meeting I expected to be a part of was like a huge party of happy, smiling, laughing ladies.  I couldn’t believe it.  At 1:30 it was time for the “Show and Tell”.  I figured there was going to be a few people with item to show the group.  NOPE!!!!!!  A TON of people had items to show.  I wish I remembered all of there name – but I have pictures – Lots of pictures……


ImageImageImagevc10vc11 vc12 vc13 vc14 vc15 vc16 vc17 vc18 vc19 vc20 vc21 vc23

WOW and that isn’t all of them – the rest of the pictures are blurry or are not good enough for one reason or another – maybe next time I will bring a real camera not jut my phone.

Then it was my turn – very anti-climatic compared to all the eye candy I’d just witnessed.

THEN – yep there is more – way more…. I thought it was over too – I was sooooo wrong.

A lovely lady – again I don’t know her name – gave a lesson on how to use Texture Magic – great stuff.  Check it out if you haven’t seen it.  It’s like the old “shrinky dinks” from when I was a kid but with fabric.

Then Wendy talked about and showed all of us the new lines of fabric, the new rulers and all the other goodies that were new to the notions area that just came in – BEAUTIFUL!!!!  I was to in awwwww to take any photo’s (boooo me).

Next Millie was up with a Drawing – anyone who brought “Show and Tell” had their name put in a drawing for the coolest things – quilt patterns, embroidery discs, flash drives, etc.

I think the last thing was CLASSES.  Someone did a quick run down (about 30 minutes or so) of EVERY class that will run between June 9th until the July Viking Club Meeting.  There are so many to choose from.  I gotta tell ya, I want to take some of those classes…..

To be honest – I want to be a Viking !!!!!!!!


A T-Shirt factory blew up in here……

Sorry I have been MIA the past week.  The end of last week was spent working day and night on the coolest T-Shirt quilt EVER!!!!!!  Carol contacted me about making a quilt for her son David who just graduated from high school.  He was very involved in school and had some shirts he wanted worked into a quilt.  For anyone who knows me I am a scrap-booker at heart – T-Shirt quilts are like scrap-booking HUGE!!!  What could be better than the two things I love to do all rolled up into one?!?!?! – Very little I can think of.  I have made several T-Shirt quilts all following the same formula – 12 to 16 shirts or panels, all sashed and very organized.  SIMPLE?!?!?!  Well its ONLY simple if that is all the shirts a person wants to use.  From what I understand David narrowed his shirt selection from 60 something down to 40 something – YES 40 something.  WOW!!!!  For all you math peeps out there that is like 3 times the amount I normally use.  The challenge had begun –  and what a fun one it was.

I thought it would be fun to walk you through my process for making a T-Shirt quilt using Davids quilt as an example.  Here we go….

First I doodle – Sketching things out makes me happy and gives me a visual to loosely follow. It also gives me a place to do math to figure out the dimensions of the panels and finished quilt. I take notes on the person the quilt is for (nick-names, favorite color, initials and the year they graduate – along with anything else they may want on the quilt).  Not to mention if I put it all in one place I’m more likely to find the information later when I need it.  I always have at least one doodle notebook handy at all times.  This is also the point where the fabric is selected for the quilt.


The next step for me is laying the t-shirts out so I can get an idea of all the colors and how they are going to look together – this is the time I move things around A LOT!!!!! 


After the arrangement is completed I move on  to cutting and pressing.  Since each t-shirt has to be cut up and have a stabilizer attached  I make a huge mess – This is FUN!!!!!


After all the cutting and fusing is completed I move on to sewing together any t-shirts that may need to be pieced.  Since David had 40 some-odd panels there was quite a bit of piecing to be done.  As I piece them I lay them on the floor to make sure they look good together – all while trying to follow the drawing – some time it works and sometimes……. not so much.


The sashing, borders, embroidery and any other embellishments are added………Image

And in this case the back is pieced and assembled……..Image

FINALLY after all those hours or hard work are finally ready to go on the quilter !!!!!!!!!



So here are some pictures of the final product…..


Did I mention how much I LOVE the back of this quilt?!.?!.?!.


And check out my favorite part – on the Fellowship of Christian Athletes t-shirt I embroidered his life verse for the whole world to see, along with the nick-name his grandpa called him…..



OK so there was a quick look at the creative and somewhat crazy process that I work through when making a t-shirt quilt. 

I can hardly wait until the next time it looks like a t-shirt factory blew up in here.


Something More Quilty :)


Here we go… Three fun summer classes at Sew Blessed Quilt Studio! The girls and I from previous classes always have soo much fun together on Sunday afternoons. Each class is described above in detail. Remember, seats are always very limited. Call and reserve yours today! (573) 673-1350


Up and Running

JUNE 2nd!!!  WOW!!!! That makes it official – Sew Blessed Quilt Studio is UP AND RUNNING – – – well almost – – – we will be Monday.  This weekend we were here…..

trophy buck

With these people……


Doing stuff like this….

golf 2

And this…..

happy together (2)

arg maitey

And even this….

my two

All because of this…..


That’s right, my little girl isn’t so little any more.  She is the Big 1-2.  TWELVE!!!!!  And because of that she got  this….


And got to do this….


And this…..


We had a great weekend!!!!  I was so glad to get to see family that we hadn’t seen in over 2 years.  What a blessing.  Thanks for reading about our trip.  Tomorrow I will post about something way more “quilty” when we are UP AND RUNNING.


Easter all year long!!!

I love new quilters.  They have an energy that is unmatched by any other.  What is old hat to people that have been sewing for years is a new adventure to them.  Things I take for granted are huge milestones to them. I can’t get enough of what they have… ENTHUSIASM!!!!  Mary is one of those “newbies”.  She has only been quilting since September of last year and everything to her is  – – – – well, NEW.  The sparkle in her eye is breathtaking when she accomplishes things she never thought possible before.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE her.  I am sure I will post about her and her journey in the quilting world often.  Today is just such an occasion.  Mary brought me a quilt to finish for her a few days ago.


Here is her Easter quilt on the frame.  It is so stinkin’ cute!!!!!  Mary has a friend that is helping her learn to sew/quilt.  They went shopping together and found this amazing Easter fabric.  The quilt pattern is something her friend made-up as they went along and the finished product is just so cool.


The quilting design is a new pattern by Anne Bright (I love her stuff).  The design is called Aviary and just seemed to go hand in hand with the fussy-cut blocks.  The yellow thread Mary chose also just screams SPRING.  The front of the quilt is done in a very pale yellow and the back is in a bolder yellow that shows up much better on the unbleached muslin back.


Did I mention Mary is the best?!?!?!?!  She always lets me make her a label to go on her quilts.  It is one of my favorite parts of the quilt – another canvas for creativity and personalization.

Marys quilt makes me want it to be Easter all year  long 😀




Welcome to the official first post of the Sew Blessed Quilt Studio blog. My intent is to keep this blog updated regularly with fun, creative information about quilting and sewing in general.

I would like to take the time to introduce myself, for those of you who don’t know me yet. My name is Stephanie and I own and operate Sew Blessed Quilt Studio. I love all things artsy and crafty. Sewing is a passion of mine and I am blessed to be able to do it professionally. I have 30 years of sewing experience and also have a background in design. Previously I worked as a fabric coordinator and technical designer for a major clothing company for over 17 years.

Sew Blessed Quilt Studio is a smoke and pet free retail environment located in Sturgeon, MO. I provide longarm quilting services using a Gammill Classic Plus w/Statler quilting machine. In addition to quilting services, I also provide private sewing and piecing lessons, t-shirt quilts and classes.

Check back often for exciting information of happenings in my studio as well as other creative endeavors. Thanks for reading.